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T & C's

Terms and conditions

Securing a wedding date

£50 Booking Fee will be required to secure your wedding date, this is a non-refundable/ non transferrable payment that will be deducted from your final balance. By paying that booking payment you are committing to adhere to the following terms and conditions.


Booking payments are made by bank transfer or PayPal, trial and balance payments can be made by bank transfer, cash or PayPal.

credit/debit card and other forms of payment are not accepted.


Trials are to be carried out 8-12 weeks before the wedding

Please allow 2 hours for your bridal trial.

The trial price will be taken in full at the time of the trial either by cash or bank transfer.

If you are having a trial WITHOUT securing your date please note that the date may be booked in the time before your trial.


Travel and Parking

A call out fee of £5 will be added to all bookings as a minimum travel charge

(travel will be calculated based on distance and fuel prices at the time of booking)

Travel over 1 hour or earlier than 5am set off may incur additional charges for loss of earnings due to travel.

Please ensure there is somewhere for the makeup artist to park which is close by as she will be carrying equipment.

Any parking charges must be paid for by the client.


Bookings for wedding makeup are usually made well in advance of the actual wedding date, late cancellations are almost impossible to re sell and for that reason the following conditions apply.

In the event you need to cancel your wedding the deposit to secure the date will not be refunded, if you have had your trial this also will not be refunded, as the service has already been provided.

If you need to cancel the wedding less than 8 weeks before 50% of the wedding price must still be paid

If you need to cancel less than 2 weeks the full amount will still need to be paid

The balance is required to be paid 2 weeks before the wedding.

In the unlikely event that the makeup artist is unable to attend the wedding due to illness a replacement makeup artist will be assigned and any extra costs will be covered by us on receipt of a professional invoice from the new makeup artist.


Changes to bridal bookings


Changes to the venue or location that makeup will take place may result in extra charges being made.

Adding on extra people/ larger bookings/early ceremony times may require an extra makeup artist and extra charges will apply.

Strip lashes are included in bridal prices however this is for the person having their makeup applied, they are not for other people who are applying their own makeup. Lashes are applied with latex glue for easy removal if you suffer with a latex allergy please inform the artist.



Prices are subject to change.

with weddings being postponed due to Covid-19 if you are wanting to re-book your wedding date with me for 2023 or onwards you will be charged a flat fee of £50 to re-book rather than be charged the planned increase in price that year.

If you have been given a quote and your booking fee to secure the date has been made, then should prices change, your quote will not be affected.

If you have been given a quote and have NOT paid the deposit to secure the date, should the prices change your quote will be honoured for 2 days, after that the original quote will be void and you will be charged at the new prices.

Please note my prices are very reasonable for the quality of my work and the range of products in my kit. Prices also include time for travel, unsociable hours, advertisement, correspondence and paper work.

I will aim to fit in to budgets etc, if this is made clear on first enquiry. If I am able to offer any discounts this will be at my discretion, please do not try to barter on price.


Please ensure you make the makeup artist aware of any allergies and illnesses that may cause a reaction from any cosmetic product being applied, should you fail to mention this prior to treatment then the makeup artist will not be held responsible for any reactions.

The makeup artist has the right to refuse treatment to anyone suffering from anything that with compromise the health and safety of her products, tools or herself for example cold sores, conjunctivitis etc

If the makeup artist has already arrived at the appointment before this is discovered then the FULL price of the treatment plus any extra travel charges will still need to be paid.


If you OR ANY member of your household has been unwell, please inform me PRIOR to the appointment and we will rearrange.

If I have not been informed and you/I arrive at the appointment I have the right to refuse treatment and the full price will still need to be paid.

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